To have  Reservation you should  fill up and sign our reserving form and return to  our agency with a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the whole activity price, or in the matter of  bookings within two weeks of the activity the full price must be paid. We’ll  give  you a written verification by email securing your Reservation.

Final Reservation payment must received no later than 2 weeks before confirmed  tour date, if we don ‘t get Reservation  payment we have right to consider your reservation as cancelled by you & the levy cancelling charges as mentioned below.

If after affirmed your Reservation  & you might need to change dates we’ll do our best to modified your booking ; but any fees from cancellation or change in tour activity will be incurred by traveler.

*  Cancellation must made in writing E-mail and  our team will be effective on the day we receive it . Our Team will notify you on receipt of email.

*  Based on when notification of cancellation received ; following charges apply:

  • More than 2 weeks: 20% of total price of booking tour
  • Less than 2 Weeks:   100% of total price of booking tour

*  Our Agency can’t give any allowance for refund transport, foods or pre-paid service you should definitely  taken when these are a part of the activity cost or after the activity has  began our agency can’t give any refunds cancelling part of your Morocco holiday

When your reservation confirmed with our agency we’ll provide you with booked activity , but we reserve the complet right to alter – stop the whole or just  part of the activity in special  cases like:  local weather , terrorist activity , catastrophes, fire and any  similar conditions. If any such change are significant then you have directly to cancel  your reservation & we’ll  return  all monies paid to us ; as we’ll  do in case of cancellation by our agency.