Fes Handicraft Tours Shopping

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Fes Handicraft Tours Shopping

What to Expect?

On Fes Handicraft Tours Shopping ,We’re going to spend the time discovering a lot of various and famous activities,and craft as an initial leisure that the Moroccan people learn with professional artisans as:

Tanneries:  We will show you where leathers are produced in high quality work, and professional Craftsmen in their own local in the middle of Fez Medina. Fes Handicraft Tours Shopping team holds the Leather as a material which is very essential in several activities. Thanks to the Tannery, and with the Leather; artisans made products like: Shoes, Coats, and Bags… Handicraft Tours & Shopping is a high-income.

Potteries: Fez is one of the best places where Fassi pottery is being produced, with its unique floral and proper designs. We are working with some of the amazing Craftsmen and Professional Artisanalwho are qualified by the Ministry. To bring you thisattractive range of traditional Fez pottery and ceramics.

Berber/ Arab/ Jewish Rugs: We’re going to take you to see our local and traditional carpets/ rugs, which are hand and design made in the core of medina, and characterized with delighted colors, symbols, and quality.In addition to its different significance included in those carpets & rugs, this style of carpet capitalized by the Handicraft Tours & Shopping and makes the places very eye-catching.

Weaving: We will also pick you to see the art of weaving is highly elevated and ornate fabric in Fez medina. It is one of the arts of Fez Profound. There, in the old medina where you can find groups of weavers who create a high quantity & qualitycolorful products. However, you can buy a souvenir if you like to. Such as: scarves, bags, quilts…

Metal/Copper Manufacture: Among a lot of Moroccan traditions, we also have copper or metal manufacture as: Teapots, trays, spoons, plates… All the kinds are sold in the old Medina of Fez like in Seffarine. So, you can buy something from there as a pleasant memory or to use it in your own home.

Berber Jewelers: We will see together other Moroccan crafts are Amazigh or Berber Jewelers: as Necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, bangles… You can find amazing and beautiful colors and different designs of jewelers in the old Medina of Fez.


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  • Professional English/French Speaking Driver & Guides
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